Sunday, February 24, 2013

AFMSU has made no significant progress on improving faculty benefits

MEA-MFT has long been ineffective at improving benefits for MUS employees. MEA-MFT’s goals are often incompatible with the needs of MSU.  For example, the University already contributes 4.72% of our gross salaries to the defined-benefit teachers' retirement system (TRS) program (see the employer contributions to TRS benefits on your paychecks). Most of us invest in defined contribution programs (e.g., TIAA-CREF), as fewer than 10% are actively enrolled in the TRS program.  The TRS program has not been an option for MSU faculty for many years.  House Bill 90 proposes to increase our employer’s payments to TRS to 9.04% across both active TRS employees and those in defined contribution plans (the rest of the MSU faculty). MEA-MFT supports House Bill 90 which provides no benefits to 90% of MSU faculty.  Furthermore, this action reduces opportunities to lobby for increased employer contributions to faculty defined contribution plans.