Sunday, February 24, 2013

The union misrepresents its accomplishments

AFMSU falsely claims that decertification will remove Faculty “contractual rights”.  Salary increases were awarded for years before AFMSU existed and were never “removed.” Recent faculty salary increases will remain, as will the small increases in promotion raises and sabbatical pay percentages that AFMSU claims to have "secured". Before the CBA was ratified, AFMSU suggested that faculty members needed to approve the CBA to receive the 1% and 2% raises that Administration had planned but that the union was blocking. Once the CBA was ratified, AFMSU claimed credit for obtaining these raises. In the absence of significant accomplishments, the union continues to misrepresent its value and accomplishments to faculty. All of these “gains” (i.e., faculty benefits) will remain after decertification.